Surprisingly Good! (Erin)

In all honesty, it doesn’t seem so rough right now.

My work has bought my lunches the past two days and I felt like it would be harder than it really was. They all got roast beef, turkey, ham, and cheesesteak sandwiches. Yesterday, I opted for the tuna steak sandwich which, I can’t lie, was REALLY TASTY!! Tuna steak? The sound of it actually made me cringe a little but with a little pesto sauce on top and fresh veggies in the mix it was so worth it! And get this! You’ll be proud of me… I only ate half of the sandwich for lunch.  The other half for dinner. 😉 Yeah, I’m good like that!

Yesterday’s menu: Yogurt smoothie, 1/2 of a brie and apple sandwich and… those spinach stuffed salmon filets I talked about the other day. I wasn’t able to make it for dinner two nights ago because we were on a bit of a time crunch. Mike and I ended up eating at the bar we met his family and friends at. What was my dinner then, you ask? 4 bites of his shrimp wrap, 2 waffle fries and a few little dips of artichoke dip. Resistance!  It ain’t so bad and fish is surprisingly good!

So tonight, I’ll be getting back onto my gym routine. I’ve been really bad at that lately. I started training in January for a 5k run but unfortunately, with all of my family events and the ridiculous amounts of snow, I fell off that wagon fairly quick. But with my new lifestyle and new goal, I’ll be starting all over. Now you may think 5k isn’t a long run, but to me… it certainly is. I was never a sporty or athletic person. This is kind of a big deal. The race is in October and I can’t wait!

I use the C25K (Couch to 5K) program. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and did not think a little app that cost a dollar was going to whoop my butt. I WAS WAY OFF!! The interval training can really kill you… especially if you don’t have the right running shoes. Talk about some serious shin splints. Ouch! I would suggest the C25K program to anyone who is just starting out with 5K training. Check out the site for the full program for FREE at During my first and only two weeks training, I went from running about 2.4 miles in 31 minutes up to 3.5 miles in the same amount of time. I can’t wait until it’s a little nicer out and the grass starts to show a little. I’d love to start jogging outdoors.

Does anyone have any tips for new runners? I’d love to hear them and also if you have any suggestions on the best running shoes!

Get healthy,

p.s. I apologize to anyone that I’ve misinformed. Mike and I are not semi-vegetarians. We are pescatarians. We still eat fish and dairy products. Again, I’m sorry…


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