Ugh! The Tempation! (Erin)

The love connection I have with pho is extreme. It’s hot and delicious and warms my soul. There’s something about a bowl of pho that I can’t deny and it keeps me coming back for more. In all honesty, I can eat a huge mixing bowl full of homemade pho. Three of your servings would equal one of mine. It satisfies all of my senses! It has soft and luscious chunks of meat and the most perfect noodles ever made. It’s so colorful with all its red spicyness and green veggies. The broth fills the air with this undescribable aroma. And it just tastes so wonderful that I almost cry every time I take a bite.

With all that said, you can imagine how tempted I was last night. Mike’s family moved to the neighborhood and invited us over for dinner… pho and chicken wings. Knowing this ahead of time, we brought scallops to make our own broth. We THOUGHT about using the beef broth they already had but the little pieces of meat would have made me weak in the knees. Mike prepared a seafood broth instead and it still tasted wonderful. I was actually full off of a standard sized bowl. Whodda thunk!?

My food intake yesterday was just a yogurt in the morning, 5 fish sticks with no sauce for lunch and a fruit cup, and for dinner… we had the seafood “pho” soup. Today’s menu? I’ve already consumed a 10 ounce organic yogurt smoothie. That was around 7:30 this morning, and usually when I eat around that time I get hungry by 10. I’m still feeling pretty satisfied though. Lunch is a tuna sandwich with fresh pineapple chunks on the side. And dinner? Salmon filets stuffed with creamed spinach and steamed veggies.

I have a feeling tonight is going to be another difficult night. The plan is to go out for happy hour with Mike’s cousin since it’s his last night visiting Maryland. You know what that means… more temptation. Mike and I woke up this morning and planned it out though. We’ll just eat before we meet up with everyone! Because not only did we give up meat for 364 more days… we gave up beer for Lent. Tonight’s going to be a doule whammy!

It takes a lot of thought when you’re a vegetarian. I have a feeling there will be a lot planning ahead when we’re invited to events and family gatherings. Hopefully the fam and our friends understand we’re under a lot of pressure here… and they try and support us.

I’ll be trying new recipes and posting the extra yummy or surprising ones here. Stay tuned, veg heads!

Get healthy,


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