Day 5. Roadtrip back home. (Mike)

My grandmother had a stroke yesterday. Her 3rd one in the past year. Grandma basically raised me when I was young. My parents worked 2 jobs each and had no time to watch my sister and me so they shipped us to grandmas. So I consider grandma my 2nd mom. Growing up, grandma was so strong-willed. She had 11 kids. She basically raised all of them with no college education and couldn’t speak a lick of english when she came to the states. She is the glue that holds all of us together. Of course, I’m her favorite. I mean come on. Its ME!! To see her like this hurts my heart. I feel so helpless. =/ Half of her body can’t move and she is unable to speak. my cousins and I decided to hike it up back home to see her. I think the toughest time for me while trying to stay meatless is during road trips. Erin and I travel a lot. We visit my family in Upstate New York every other month. We also visit her family in NYC every so often. And I can’t forget moms Atlantic City weekend trips. We usually start our trip at Wawa. Cheap gas and good eats. We usually order something from the deli and get snacks which include beef jerky for our trip. We do this pretty much EVERY time we travel. It’s so routine that I do this even when I travel without Erin. It’s crazy how who you don’t notice how so many fast food spots do not cater to vegetarians. Well, I noticed and it sucks. Ahhh!! So frustrating. Fish Filets at McDs can get old fast. I definitely need to plan my road trips  better.  All in all, we survived our trip through the blizzard and I made it up without meat. =) SUCCESS!

Meatless Mike from the Bu.


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