Day 1- What was I thinking… (Mike)

If someone were to tell me a week ago that I would give up red meat and chicken, I would bet you a million dollars that I would never be drunk enough to agree. On top of that, I would BLOG about it. HA! I would of thought you were CRAZY!!! But here I am, no meat for 24 hours and I’m typing about it. Who knew?!! My name is Mike and I am not going to eat meat for 365 days, pray for me…

Day 1/ 364 days left and counting…

I guess I should start on how much I love chicken/meat and how much this going to hurt. I grew up on chicken, quite literally. My father has been managing a chicken processing plant for over 25 years and mom for 20 years. My mom has mastered every chicken recipe known to man. My family was never good at showing affection. Mom showed her love through food and I guess chicken was the core. Why? Cause it’s free. LOL

So Erin and I broke the news to my family last night over beer pong. Of course, they thought we were crazy. Hell, after thinking about it I started to agree with them. How am I supposed to give up chicken/meat?  I guess this is why I agreed to blog about it. I figured it would keep me honest. After the jokes and laughs, my family was very supportive. They actually invited Erin and me for a nice traditional Laos dinner. What was for dinner? Pho, of course. For those of you  who don’t know, Pho is a Vietnamese noodle dish. As my cousin Steve would say, a knee slapper!! The main ingredient is meat, oxtail and noodles. LOL. Did I mention Pho is one of favorite dishes? I think I can eat Pho everyday. I’m pretty sure I eat Pho twice a week already. What a first day. To add salt to the  wound, Mom made her awesome fried wings. Thanks for the support guys (note the sarcasm)!! To be honest, I’m glad our first day was like this. It showed everyone how serious we were about this decision. Also, on my bad days; I can always say, “can’t beat day one!!”. But can it? What if this is just the beginning? What if it gets 10 times worse. I guess time will tell. At least I’m not alone. I have my partner in crime and hopefully support from some followers. But for now, LQTM.


MikErin 1 and Meat/Chicken 0

Meatless Mike from the Bu…


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