Officially Meatless… (Erin)

Well… here it goes.

Today is officially Day 1 of the meatlessness.  February 22, 2010.  Oh boy…

I’ve been with Mike for just almost nine years.  Since we first met, we’ve pretty much been known as big eaters.  Our first year of dating consisted of going to a different buffet every week.  Our relationship continued to grow and so did our stomachs.  After the first couple of years, the buffets got a little old and we switched up to other yummy restaurants.  The staff knew us by our first names… We ate just about anything and everything.

After nine years, we’ve both realized that our weight will never be as low as it was when we first met.  But… we do need to do something about it and the biggest thing is to change our eating lifestyle.  I shared my feelings on this with my mom and she asked how much I weighed.  Her only response was, “OW, Erin!!!”  Then Mike felt the need to call me “Bonecrusher.” I think that was when it hit me… something needs to give.

So instead of stuffing my face with $1 cheeseburgers and other crap, I’ve decided to eat more veggies, fruits, and grains. But not only that… I’m going meatless.  After doing some research, Mike and I will apparently be in the “semi-vegetarian” category.  Didn’t realize how many types of vegetarians are out there!  We’ll be eating seafood and dairy products… just absolutely no meat.

I have a feeling it’ll be pretty tough at first… especially since our roommate has ground beef and steaks in the freezer. But hopefully after the first few weeks, it won’t even phase me.  I’m not even the type of person to drool or crave steaks or red meats like that… but chicken.  Ugh.  Dear sweet chicken… that’ll be tough to give up.

And don’t worry folks, I won’t be going to an all “noodle and instant food” diet.  Hell no.  That doesn’t fly in my house. I’ll be making a trip to the wholesale club after work today to pick up some fresh fish and shrimp.  Then… off to GNC to grab some vitamins!  That’s another big worry… not getting all of the vitamins I need at first since I pretty much just changed my lifestyle over night.  Vitamins will be necessary.

Mike and I will be weighing ourselves weekly and keeping you all updated because not only are we going meatless, but we’re exercising regularly too!  🙂  Be proud of us!  I’m actually really excited about all of this… but terrified at the same time.  LOL!

If you have any seafood or vegetarian recipes or tips to share, we’d love to hear them!!

Get healthy,



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Cathy on February 24, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Wow, you guys! This is great! You can definitely do it. You’re right – make sure you get your iron – plenty of websites that can guide you to make sure you’re not depleting your body of necessary vitamins. LIke you said, the first couple weeks will probably be tough for you but eventually, it’ll become habit – I’ve read that it takes 21 days of doing (or not doing) something to make a habit.

    You’ve made a healthy decision to eat more fruits and veggies!!

    I look forward to following you through this journey of nutrition and exercise – how wonderful to have a partner to share the journey.


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